2 children taken to hospital, several others shocked in community pool

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - A community swimming pool in Virginia Beach is closed after several people were treated for electric shocks.

It happened Saturday evening at the Green Run Homeowners' Association pool.

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According to an email from the homeowners' association, people at a family pool party began to complain of feelings they were being shocked while in and around the pool area. The email also says they immediately cleared the pool and called for help.

Virginia Beach EMS spokesman Bruce Nedelka said that everyone got out of the pool on their own, no one lost consciousness and there were no visible signs of injury.

Two children were taken to Sentara Virginia Beach General to be checked out. A hospital spokesman said they were both released. A third person at the pool refused treatment.

WAVY-TV spoke with a woman whose child was shocked. She said the child is OK, but she would not comment further because the homeowners' association told her not to discuss it with anyone.

While at the pool Monday afternoon Donna Dean, a Grandmother who takes her grandchildren swimming at the pool said she was glad the children are OK.

"I'm very surprised that something like this would happen and there's not regulations to check the electrical."

WAVY-TV checked with the city to find out who is inspecting the electrical work being done here. According to the Permits and Inspections Division, general repairs do not require a permit.  That means no one from that department will come out to inspect unless the job requires rewiring or putting in new circuits.

As of Monday afternoon, no one at that address has applied for a permit to do that kind of work.

If the pumps are shut off for several days, the health department confirmed someone from that office will be out to inspect - but they only look at chemicals for sanitary conditions, not electrical.

An office worker on site told WAVY-TV that they are speaking with their attorneys and insurance company and could not comment other than what they put out in the email to residents, but said they will provide updates.

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