3 Taco Bell workers with guns fight back, kill masked thief

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CNN Newsource/WOIO) -- An armed man was killed earlier this week while trying to rob a fast food restaurant, officials say.

Police say some of three of the workers were also armed and opened fire at the masked gunman.

The Taco Bell in Cleveland stays open until 4 a.m.

Five employees, all men ranging in age from 19 to 44, were inside working overnight.  Three of them had guns.

A couple of armed robbers were foiled in their attempt around 3:30 a.m. Thursday and one died.

De'Carlo Jackson, 24, was shot six times by the workers and died, reported.

"I worked here for a year," said Janelle Gaughan.

Janell Gaughan dropped by her old workplace for bite to eat at lunchtime.  She was surprised to hear about the fatal shooting that happened at the Taco Bell on West 117th Street.

"It's real bad in there.  A lot people have overdosed in there.  I've seen a lot of stuff go on in there.  That's crazy, oh my God," Gaughan said.

Gaughan, although not knowing all the circumstances surrounding the shooting, did offer up a bit of information about her former workplace.

"And most of the time they were illegally carrying guns in there," Gaughan said.

Paramedics gave the person who was shot CPR at the restaurant, but that person died.

On Thursday the restaurant had a sign posted on the door that it is closed.

Even so, a few hungry people, not knowing, pulled into the drive-thru and sat there before figuring it out.

The employee who shot and fatally wounded him reportedly shot in self-defense.

"We were always told if anybody robs the store we're supposed to let them rob the store.  Not supposed to shoot them or anything like that," Gaughan said.

Gaughan made a point - that money can be replaced, a life cannot.

"It's just sad that someone had to lose their life over something like this. That's not their money, you know what I mean? That's Taco Bell's money," she said.

The second masked suspect in the incident ran from the scene and has not been identified.

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