Thieves hit 7 homes in Raleigh's Five Points

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) -- Police are investigating a string of home break-ins in Raleigh's Five Points neighborhood.

In the past few weeks, seven homes have been hit and the crooks have made off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewelry, and sensitive information.

It's been 10 days since someone smashed Brooke Burgwyn's back door and broke into her home.

"You just kinda start shaking and that was at like 4:15 when he called me and I don't think I kinda stopped internally shaking, like you're cold until, I don't know -- 1 o'clock in the morning," Burgwyn said.

She says she still doesn't feel safe in her Five Points home.

"You just kinda feel like somebody's been here," Burgwyn said. "You've been violated, who would do that? It just makes you not want to trust people or feel naive that you did."

Burgwyn says the crooks made off with her jewelry box and stole two necklaces worth around $2,000, but that's not what she wants back the most.

"Stuff that's sentimental that they wouldn't really need," she said. "I have my son's first haircut in there. So, it's a ziplock bag full of blonde hair and just things that were made and given to me."

She knows she is not the first victim of the crime in her neighborhood. Raleigh Police say all of these break-ins have happened during the day and, in most cases, the burglars broke in through the back door.

"This is kind of crazy," Burgwyn said. "It's really close and it seems to be happening and it was pretty similar where they busted in the back door and kind of ransacked the place and got out."

The Burgwyn family didn't have any security cameras when the break-in happened, but now the family is shopping around for a security system.

"We're getting some ASAP," she said.

The crooks also made off with a fireproof safe the family owned that had some sensitive personal documents inside.

"I am always gonna feel a little bit unsafe or just on edge or wondering when you see people walking if they're looking for their next hit," Burgwyn said.

Raleigh Police are investigating the possibility that these crimes are connected. Police say if you are at work doing things like leaving a TV on or parking an extra car in the driveway can deter crooks.


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