Carvana opens vehicle vending machine in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - An online auto retailer has upped its game - quite literally.

Carvana has opened its four-story tall car vending machine in Raleigh where vehicles are stacked up on display in a tower.

The company has been selling cars in this market since 2015, but now has added the option of picking up a car at their Raleigh vending machine.

It's easy to see the tower, the glass and steel vending machine sits right beside Interstate 440 next to the new Wake Tech building on Navaho Drive.

The tower holds only a small portion of automobiles available through Carvana.

Before you drop your token in the vending machine to get your car, you've already done all your research and decision making online.

Carvana co-founder Ryan Keeton came to Raleigh Wednesday to oversee the first day of use of the vending machine.

He says the company has a 150 point inspection it conducts on every vehicle it puts in its online database.

"We own all the vehicles. We buy them, inspect them and recondition them, and we don't sell cars that have been in an accident or had reportable frame damage," Keeton says.

He says the company also provides an Experian Auto Check Report and in some cases access to a Carfax report.

Customers can chose to pick up their vehicle at the Raleigh vending machine or have it delivered to their home.

Unlike traditional used car dealers who offer a brief test drive, Carvana gives customers a week to change their mind during what it calls a "7-day test-own drive."

CBS North Carolina asked how a customer makes a return if they get a lemon or a vehicle they don't like.

"On the sixth day, we call all our customers, says Keeton. "If they want to keep the car, awesome. If they want to return it, we'll take it back at no cost or obligation."

Having seven days to make a decision is something that appeals to some customers.

"You've got a week to check the car out, what's not to like?" said driver Ron Tessitore who is looking for a sports sedan with under 25,000 miles. He said he'd bring his purchase to his mechanic during the 7-day test drive and get it fully checked out as well as drive it around town.

Carvana's co-founder says the company wants to be very transparent in its on line dealings, right down to showing minor dings and dents in its 3-D picture view of the cars it sells.

He demonstrated by pulling up a car at random from their database. He found a yellow Porsche with a spot where the paint was chipped. "We'll let someone know at this level, there is damage to the bumper right here,'' Keeton said pointing out where the imperfection showed up in the on-line view of the car.

As with any major purchase you need to shop around and the Carvana business model gives you one more option when looking to purchase a previously owned vehicle.

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