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Florida man displays homemade speed limit sign in push for safety improvements

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - A south Tampa, Florida man is displaying a homemade speed limit sign in his neighborhood in hopes of getting the attention of city officials and slowing down drivers. 

Walker Peek knows the sign, which reads “25 mph,” is a code violation, but says he’s willing to pay the fine if that’s what it takes for drivers to get the point. 

He lives along S. Church Ave. just south of Bay to Bay Boulevard. Peek says he’s tired of risking his life just to back out of his driveway. 

Neighbors turned to 8 On Your Side for help and we clocked one driver going 69 mph in the 25 mph zone Tuesday. 

Neighbor Pascal Illy says it’s a major disappointment, but proves their point. 

Peek says he’s been going back and forth with Brian Canipe, the transportation tech for south Tampa. 

According to Peek, it’s been a six month ordeal of trying to get answers and reach city council members. 

Peek says people living in the area believe a number of solutions might help, including additional speed limit signs that are brighter, speed tables or pavement makers, medians and maybe dedicated parking on Church Avenue along with increased traffic enforcement. 

8 On Your Side spoke with Canipe, who says the city is now planning to take measures to enhance current signs, paint the speed limit on the ground and add signs with yellow reflectors mounted on top along S. Church Ave. 

Canipe says the enhancements are already in place on Sterling Ave. between Bay to Bay Blvd. and Euclid Ave. 

Canipe wasn’t able to give an exact timeframe but says re-striping along Church should happen “soon.”

After that, Canipe says it’s standard practice to wait several months to a year to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes. 

Peek says he’s set to meet with city Councilman Harry Cohen in hopes of paving the way for medians that are similar to the area north of Bay to Bay Blvd. 



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