Durham man leads campaign to fight prostate cancer

By David Hurst, WNCN News - DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) - A Durham man is asking you to "Give 1 for Dad" this Father's Day to help fund a Duke University clinical trial that will potentially treat prostate cancer.

Sam Poley learned about the clinical trial after he found out his father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He's inviting you to give 1% of one day's salary to help fund the treatment.

"My dad clearly means a lot to me, I would love for this to be something that helps him, but really the campaign is about all dads," said Poley. "This campaign only works if you help. It's simple. Give 1 time. Just 1 percent of one day's salary. Odds are it's about $3-5, so it's nothing compared to what your dad has done for you."

The clinical trial would be led by Daniel George, a medical oncologist at Duke. He says the treatment would use a generic drug to limit prostate cancer cells from feeding on copper. The treatment would then use the FDA-approved drug disulfiram to kill the cancer cells.

In order for the treatment to be approved, it would need to go through a clinical trial, which requires funding. Poley is hoping to raise $1 million to fund the clinical trial.

To make a donation, you can visit

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