Durham police respond to dozens of weather-related crashes

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) - Durham police responded to dozens of weather-related crashes Thursday. Good news, police say there were no reports of any significant injuries.

But, road conditions were scary for some drivers on Infinity Road Thursday morning.

The street is a hill and once it turns into a sheet of ice, it's hard for drivers to make it.

Several cars were just parked and abandoned on the road

"It was a duly pick-up that had started up the hill and a car stopped in front of it," said Gene Squires. "So he was just sitting there and all of a sudden, his truck just broke traction."

Squires says that was around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

"Just slid down the embankment and all you could see was just the front of his pick-up," he said.

Squires was there hours later to help his friend whose car had been stuck.

Despite advice from authorities to stay home, Bryan Ceveda tried making it work this morning when his car skid off the road.

"I was pretty much scared," Ceveda said. "I hit the break which I shouldn't have done, but luckily my car is fine, everybody is fine."

He says when he lost control of his car, he couldn't think.

"Actually a big panic," he said. "I went into a big panic which I shouldn't have but it happens."

Police say no one was injured. However, when the area gets snow, Squires says he stays inside.

"I don't come out in this stuff anymore," he said. "If it hadn't been for him being stranded, I would've been right there at the house."

Drivers say now the road is in a much better condition now than it was Wednesday night.


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