Just like CBS show 'Blue Bloods,' law enforcement is a family affair for some

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - Just like on CBS' Blue Bloods - law enforcement can be a family affair.

Some local officers say law enforcement runs in their families.

The Midgette family is bound by the thin blue line

Matt, Christopher, and Adam Midgette grew up admiring their father, John Midgette, who served as a police officer.

"My dad was a superhero. That's what he was to me," said Matt Midgette.

His brother Adam echoed that same thought.

"I remember him coming home thinking he was my hero," said Adam Midgette.

Adam Midgette knew from the beginning he wanted to follow his father's footsteps. He now works as a Wake County Sheriff's deputy alongside his wife, Allison.

They aren't the only family members who share stories about life in law enforcement.

Matt Midgette didn't plan to go into police work, but he now patrols the streets of Raleigh, and works for the same department his dad did for years.

His youngest brother, Christopher, recently graduated from the Raleigh police academy as well.

"Every day you come to work you have a chance to make a difference in someone's life, and I've just always thought that's an amazing thing," said Christopher Midgette.

It's a passion for public service that Theresa Midgette says her sons learned from their father.

And their mom couldn't be more proud.

Still, the whole family is aware of the risks.

"Every call can be a dangerous call," noted Theresa Midgette. "It is scary, but every day I go to bed every night praying for them and I wake up every morning praying they come home."

Allison Midgette added, "I think it brings us together because we know how dangerous our job can be and I guess we just appreciate the little bit of time that we can all come together."

"We have, I think, a special family bond," explained John Midgette.

Although John Midgette no longer patrols the streets, he still works closely with law enforcement as the executive director of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association.

Now he's the one who sees his kids in police cars and uniforms.

"It's a harder job than it's ever been, but I don't think I could be more proud or honored as a father," he said.

The MacBride family also considers itself a "Blue Blood Family"

Raleigh Police Officer Nichole MacBride chose her career early.

She wanted to be just like her dad.

"You just grow up seeing it, grow up knowing it, hearing the stories and you want to experience it for yourself," she explained.

Jon MacBride got into law enforcement in 1975 in Rochester, New York.

He didn't give up his badge when he moved his family to North Carolina 25 years later.

He worked with Cary and Morrisville police before joining RDU police.

When he gets together with his kids, they have plenty of stories to share.

One son is a district attorney in Ontario County, New York.

Another is a deputy in New York.

Nichole is a Raleigh officer, and his niece is an officer in Rochester. Another son is also interested in police work.

Jon MacBride said he says he never expected his kids to follow his career path, but he thinks they share his passion for public service

"They chose that on their own, and I was so proud," he said.

Sharing a career has given the father and daughter a chance to share some of life's most meaningful moments.

"One of the proudest days of my life - standing up in front of Raleigh's police academy and pinning your daughter's badge on. I'll never forget it," recalled Jon MacBride. "I couldn't ask for a better blessing."

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