Lawsuit filed after Raleigh teen dies in drunk crash

By Beau Minnick, WNCN News - RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) -- The parents of a Raleigh teen who died while driving drunk more than a year ago are now suing the people who they say supplied their son with the alcohol.

Johnathon Taylor was 18 when he died. The night he got behind the wheel and slammed into a tree, he had attended a wedding reception and had also gone to an ABC store.

Now, his parents are heading to court...and they're taking those who they say gave him the alcohol.

Johnathan Taylor had just graduated from Ravenscroft High School and those who knew him say he showed a lot of promise.

But, on the night of June 28, 2014, the 18-year-old was driving with a blood alcohol level of point-two when he crashed into a tree near his north Raleigh home.

That's more than twice the legal limit for anyone who could legally drink.

Taylor had come from a wedding reception that night at the home of Charles and Kimberley Matthews, who currently face charges for aiding and abetting underaged drinking.

Now Taylor's parents are suing two companies, Ridgewood Wine And Beer Company Of Raleigh and Parizade  from Durham...alleging the companies either supplied or served underaged people, including Taylor, at the reception.

His parents are also suing the Wake County Alcohol Beverage Control Board...alleging Taylor and three other underaged people bought a bottle of Jack Daniels at the Cameron Village ABC store without being carded.

With each defendant, the Taylors are seeking at least $25,000 in damages.

The criminal case against the Matthews is heading to court later this month.

Their son also faces charges for buying the alcohol.

The family could still face a wrongful death lawsuit...although to meet the statute of limitations...that would need to be filed by June 28th of next year.

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