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Families in Hillsborough neighborhood uneasy after string of break-ins

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) - Families in Hillsborough’s Fox Hill Farm neighborhood are a little uneasy after several break-ins.

“You know, it's just something that will take time to recover from,” said Gretchen Jordan.

Jordan’s house was broken into Friday morning.

Police say Leron Owens, 31, hit 23 homes in Orange County within the past two months.

Seven families in the neighborhood are victims. 

“They were looking for money and jewelry. They went straight to bedrooms and poured all the drawers open in the bedroom,” Jordan said.

Jordan believes Owens had eyes on the family, and waited until no one was home.

Police said Owens stole primarily cash, weapons and jewelry. Some of the jewelry missing has been in Jordan’s family for decades.

“It had three rings that belong to my grandmother, and it had a beautiful piece that I had made; created with the money that was left to me by my mother-in-law,” Jordan said.

Police caught Owens hiding in a warehouse in Durham.

Jordan said now that Owens is behind bars, there’s a sense of relief, but she’s praying for him.

“You know that the person would hopefully become aware that life could be better,” she said. “That invading people's homes and stealing things, there's other communities than opportunities to take advantage of people.”

The sheriff’s office said Owens is also facing related charges in Durham, Alamance and Guilford counties.

He’ll be in Orange County Court on June 11.

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