Water problems leave Raleigh neighborhoods high and dry

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - More than 800 north Raleigh homeowners are having problems with their tap water. Some said it's brown, others gray, still others have trouble getting water out of their tap at all. All of them rely on well water supplied by Aqua North Carolina.

UPDATE: Homeowners in 2 Raleigh neighborhoods have temporary solution to water issues

"Aqua has not supplied information in a reasonable manner or timely manner. And the information they have supplied us with is conflicted," Jeff Stowe, a Stonehenge homeowner said.

Aqua North Carolina told CBS North Carolina the issues are part of a larger problem, impacting two of their water systems, affecting more than 700 in the Stonehenge, Wildwood Green and Still Water Landing neighborhoods and 95 in Crescent Ridge. The issues started over the weekend.

"The problem is capacity, it's the ability of the wells to be able to meet the demand that's being placed on it during these times of heightened use. Again for irrigation or non-essential water use," Shannon Becker, the president of Aqua North Carolina said.

Becker said the lack of rain made a bad situation worse.

They're urging customers to conserve, cutting back on all non-essential use.

And to frustrated homeowners, Becker said, "We ask for their patience."

"The water would come out so slowly you literally had to hold your hands to pool, so you can get clean," Kristen Stowe, a north Raleigh homeowner said.

Becker insists the water is safe to drink.

His crews spent much of the day delivering bottled water to those impacted.

Aqua officials sent an update overnight saying that they are activating an "alternative temporary source to serve water to customers in its Stonehenge development." In order to do that, crews are flushing the system and plan to bring it online Thursday morning.

Officials said that the flushing might cause temporary discoloration of the water, as well as air to appear in the lines. Because of this, the water may look gray or cloudy and may taste slightly different.

Customers will be able to flush their internal plumbing to get rid of any air and discoloration, Aqua officials said.

The water pressure at the company's Crescent Ridge system has started to see an increase in water pressure. Aqua is still asking customers to continue to avoid any non-essential water use. A mandatory restriction on non-essential water use for both systems from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is being pursued.

Becker said he's hoping to have the issue resolved in the next day or two.

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