Man pleads guilty to facilitation of murder in nursing student's death

SAVANNAH, Tenn. (WKRN) - One of the men charged with kidnapping, raping and killing Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo pleaded guilty to a lesser offense of facilitating murder.

Dylan Adams now faces 35 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Dylan is the brother of Zach Adams, who was convicted of murder in September.

He appeared in court Monday afternoon in Savannah, Tennessee, where the guilty plea was accepted.

Judge C. Creed McGinley had given prosecutors and lawyers for Dylan Adams a Monday deadline to reach an agreement that would let him avoid trial in the death of Bobo.

"From the start, the focus has been on trying to punish the people who are responsible for doing what they did to Holly," District Attorney Paul Hagerman said.

He continued, "The Bobos - Dana and Karen - they have been waiting for over seven years. We had the long trial over the summer, but this started seven years ago. They've been waiting seven years for justice and they got some with Zach's trial and verdict. Now, they will get a little more with Dylan Adams."

Bobo's family addressed the media briefly after the guilty plea was accepted.

"We're very pleased today to end up with a guilty plea," Karen Bobo said. "[We're doing] better today than yesterday."

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Bobo continued, "There's no such thing as closure when something like this happens. She's still the last thing on my mind every night and the first thing every morning."

Holly Bobo was 20-years-old when she disappeared from her home in Parsons in April 2011. Her remains were found in September 2014 in woods not far from her home.

Adams' older brother Zach Adams is serving life plus 50 years in prison for kidnapping, raping and killing Bobo.

"We feel that the trial of Zach Adams we got the main perpetrator - the individual that killed your daughter - life in prison and that's where he'll spend his time and that's where he will die," Hagerman said.

The Bobos each hugged Judge McGinley before leaving the courtroom.


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