Man who says he was beaten by NC policeman speaks out after officer's arrest

WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) -- The man who was allegedly beaten by a Whiteville police officer spoke publicly Friday for the first time since that officer was indicted last month.

Juwarn Britt was arrested on marijuana charges in December 2015 and says he was beaten by Whiteville police officer Aaron Herring during his arrest.

"Aaron Herring was a man that beat me up while I was in the back seat in handcuffs and a seat belt, and he told me it couldn't be stopped, so we're here to see if we can stop him," Britt said Friday.

In October, Herring was indicted by a grand jury on charges of simple assault, obstruction of justice and willful failure to discharge duties.

Britt and his family say Herring's arrest is a step toward justice, but more needs to be done.

"I do not think that it's justice that he should be getting paid on leave," said Britt's sister, Sherese Barfield.

Civil rights activist John Barnett also announced Charlotte attorney Darren Haley will be representing Britt in his federal case.

After filing complaints with the City of Whiteville multiple times, Britt filed a federal suit against Herring and Whiteville officer Jeff Singletary, who was also in the police cruiser during the alleged beating.

"You have nobody that you could call out to that you could ask for help and you got a man sitting in the front seat named Jeff Singletary and you're asking him for help and you cant receive it," Britt said.

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