NC inspectors work to learn why train ride flipped, injuring 3

YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) - North Carolina investigators are looking into what caused one of the carts on a small train ride to flip over.

It happened Saturday at Hill Ridge Farms in Franklin County. Two children and an adult were injured.

The ride owner is responsible for making sure these rides are safe but the Department of Labor is also in charge of inspecting them.

"Big John," as it's called at Hill Ridge Farms, isn't used to sitting idle without a train load of kids.

Inspectors have shut the ride down until they can figure out why the cart flipped.

Officials were at Hill Ridge Farms on Tuesday inspecting the train.

The Department of Labor says the ride was last inspected in April.

A spokesperson for the Department says there were no issues found then.

A mother who was on the ride a week before a cart flipped sent a picture to CBS North Carolina saying the train came off the track then too.

Hill Ridge Farms wouldn't talk on camera about the ride.

They issued a statement on their website saying they were deeply saddened, but said the accident was not caused by driver error and that their train was in good condition.

Read the statement here

The Department of Labor says train rides like these have to be inspected once each operating season, which is usually between March and November.

Another popular train ride at Pullen Park was last inspected in November 2016.

Rides like these have to pass all of the manufacture's specifications in order for it to pass a state inspection.

Hill Ridge Farms says their train is inspected by their management team daily.

The final Department of Labor report from the incident is expected to be finished in a couple of weeks.

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