NC shelters filled to brim with pets who need homes

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - A fat cat in the Chatham County Animal Shelter has won hearts near and far.

The feline dubbed "flabby tabby" has so much to love - he was adopted Friday.

While this cat managed to find a home in just days, other animals in shelters are waiting months, even up to a year to be adopted.

Right now, the Wake County Animal Center is busting at the seams.

It has more than 200 animals in the building and 200 kittens and even more dogs and cats are with foster parents.

This shelter and others around the Triangle are doing everything they can to increase adoptions and find other shelters that can share the burden.

"We've had several come in this morning already to help us with our cats. We work diligently through email, through Facebook, phone calling, letting them know what the situation is," said Cindy Lynch, rescue coordinator for Wake County Animal Center.

Lynch says because they're a government organization, they cannot refuse to take animals in. That means if they completely run out of room, they'll have to start euthanizing.

They haven't had to euthanize an animal because of space issues in two years.

CBS North Carolina asked Lynch what she thinks about the flabby tabby in Chatham County that's popularity on social media got him adopted after a couple days.

"I think when animals get attention like that, people want to rally around them. But they need to realize that all the shelters here in our area are full and we need the public to come out and adopt," Lynch.

There were families at the shelter making adoptions Friday.

CBS North Carolina asked one person why they chose to adopt.

"The fact that shelters do euthanize, makes you want to give those animals that chance that they've never had," explained Lisa Gimber, whose family took home a dog.

Every animal adopted also frees up a space at the shelter.

That's why Wake, Durham, Chatham and Cumberland County shelters hold adoption specials in hopes they can find more homes for more animals.

There are several adoption specials coming up at various shelters.

You can find more information on those at the links below.

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