Family, friends remember NC newlywed hit, killed by 18-wheeler while biking to work

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - "Megan you were loved and you were cared about and you are going to be greatly missed," an emotional Bridget DeBord said as she stood next to the memorial honoring her friend, Megan McClellan.

McClellan, a 20-year-old newlywed, was hit and killed by an 18-wheeler Monday evening while riding her bicycle on South 17th Street near where Peel Street and Patriot Way connect. She was on her way to work at Zaxby's.

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On Tuesday, family and friends gathered around the memorial. McClellan's mother, Jennifer Pratt, drove down from Raleigh when she heard the news and wants her daughter to be remembered as a generous woman with a "big heart."

A mother's grief may never truly go away, but knowing her daughter didn't die alone makes coping a little easier.

Two off-duty nurses performed CPR on McClellan as they waited for first responders. Brent Bush was on his way home from work and immediately turned around when he saw the accident.

"I held her by the base of the neck and tried to stabilize her. As we did that, (we) tried to keep her airway clear," Bush said.

Bush quickly realized McClellan's condition was worsening.

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"The first thing you think is to try to save her life," Bush said. "But as you keep going, you realize that may not happen."

Bush said McClellan's pulse was fading quickly and there wasn't much he or the nurses could do. They refused to let McClellan die alone.

"I think she was probably still 'there' when Holly [the nurse] got there and to have that comfort and love from Holly as she continued her treatment was probably very comforting to the patient as she passed," Bush said.

As family and friends left their flowers and prayers at the memorial, Pratt gave Bush a long hug to thank him for being there with her daughter when she couldn't be.

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