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Hundreds in NC town without phone, internet -- possibly for weeks

BURLINGTON, N.C. (WFMY) - AT&T says another company accidentally cut their phone and internet lines in downtown Burlington.

WFMY received a copy of a letter from the Burlington Downtown Corporation saying it could be weeks before everyone is back up and running.


So, why that long?

Because that other cable company went right through five tubes of thousands of tiny cables.

So workers are having to piece together these thousands of cables by hand, which is not a quick task.

The damage area takes up about half a city block of East Davis Street and has closed at the corner of South Spring and East Davis streets.

One worker told me it's some of the worst damage he has ever seen.


Plus, it's not just downtown.

The workers WFMY spoke with, and the letter from the Burlington Downtown Corporation say customers are affected all the way out to Glen Raven, which is about three miles away.

Wendy Geise lives in Burlington and has AT&T internet service.

She says she hasn't had a complete interruption in service, but her and her son were just talking about a few issues they were having.

"We rely on our internet, and when it's not there it's a problem... That's a huge problem, so I really feel bad for the people that don't have cell phones or rely on their landlines. I know school just got out yesterday, and kids need a lot of bandwidth to play the games they want to play," said Geise.

Geise knows problems with internet and landlines can range to small, like not being able to play video games -- to big -- like not being able to call an ambulance for help.

WFMY reached out to AT&T about the outage and received this statement.

They wrote, "Some customers in the Burlington area may be affected by cable damage caused by another company. Technicians are working as quickly as possible to make repairs. We appreciate your patience as we make progress to restore service."

The TV station also reached out to the other company, and they did not get receive a response.

WFMY asked AT&T if customers will still have to pay for all time their service wasn't working.

They haven't gotten back to the TV station with an answer.

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