Pack of dogs attacking farm animals in Knightdale, residents say

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) -- Neighbors living in Knightdale say a pack of at least eight dogs are running around town terrorizing their horses and dogs.

"We heard a lot of barking, chaos, outside -- could hear that the horses were running and when we went outside to check we saw there was a pack of dogs so, we called the sheriff," said Jules Cohen.

Cohen says the pack of dogs first showed up on her doorstep more than a month ago and they've come back four more times. She sent CBS North Carolina video of one of the incidents.

"It's definitely very scary," Cohen said. "I have a small dog and they could easily kill my dog."

Heather King lives around the block and owns several horses she uses to teach riding lessons.

King says she was getting ready for bed when she heard loud, vicious barking coming from her backyard.

She came out her back door and walked over into her horse pen and she found her horse cowering in the corner with several dogs surrounding him.

"As soon as I opened the door it was a very loud, very viscous barking, growling, snarling right at the back door is where my six-month-old colt is," King said.

King got out just in time to scare the dogs away and protect her colt.

Wake County Animal Control has captured six dogs related to this case. Animal control officials say the dogs are aggressive.

"There are at least two more out there and I do feel better," said Cohen. "It will definitely help the situation. I'm definitely relieved that they caught some of them."

Animal control says it's still an active case and they're working to trap any other loose dogs in the coming days.

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