Rows of unclaimed luggage pile up at RDU after Atlanta airport power outage

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) -- Passengers at Raleigh-Durham International Airport saw their share of delays and cancellations, stemming from a power outage at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

For some people, getting back to Raleigh was quite the journey.

"We've got the bags under our eyes to prove it," said Bailey Meekins.

Meekins and Randy Ubaldo flew to Raleigh from Honolulu to see family for the holidays. Their connecting flight was in Atlanta.

They knew something was up in Honolulu when they told the TSA agent where they were headed.

"He just kind of felt sorry for us," said Ubaldo. "We saw it in his eyes. Uh, you guys are going to be in for a treat."

Passengers were stuck in Atlanta for hours, some overnight. Even many of those who did make it to Raleigh were missing things.

"I'm still waiting for my bags," said Ariadne Biscaro, Raleigh resident. "So, I received the message that my luggage couldn't come."

Biscaro did get her bags in Raleigh after waiting a few hours for the next flight to arrive.

Some travelers have yet to pick up their bags -- there is a pile of luggage waiting at RDU.

There also were big delays at the Delta counter at RDU Monday morning. Some passengers told CBS North Carolina they waited in line for hours.

"We missed our flight," said Sara Roseberry, who was flying to Mexico. "They can't get us there until the (December) 21st. So, we just went ahead and booked with another airline."

Roseberry said Delta was very helpful.

"They refunded our money," she said. "They actually extended our return flight one day so we'll still be able to take advantage of the full vacation."

Delta will allow passengers flying to, from or through Atlanta to make a one-time change through Tuesday for free.

RDU recommends to passengers arriving at the airport to check in at least two and a half hours before their flight.


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