Several dead dogs in trash bags found in 4 days along roads in Wilson County

WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) -- Four dead dogs have been found in garbage bags on the side of roads in Wilson County since Friday.

Shannah Brantley said she drove by three garbage bags for several days. Then Friday, Brantley stopped.

The Wilson County Sheriff's Office confirmed the bags contained dead dogs, one in each bag.

They were found off Webb Road near Elm City.

Authorities said the remains were too badly decomposed for them to determine the cause of death.

Then Monday, just three days later, Catherine-Lee Jenkins made a similar grisly discovery.

"It was exactly what I thought. It was a dead dog. It wasn't even tied up. So I could open the bag and see," Jenkins said.

Jenkins called 911 and took photos. The trash bag was found on the side of Baldree Road in Wilson.

Jenkins said an animal control officer came out and said she'd take care of it.

Then Tuesday, a colleague of Kim Edmondson with the Wilson County Humane Society went back. Edmondson said the trash bag was still there.

"Animal control did come. They said the dog was too decomposed for them to do any type of investigative work on the dog and they had asked sanitation to pick the dog up," Edmondson said.

Edmondson said she took the dog to the vet who determined it was a male, Pitbull mix. It was about 8 or 9 years old and died from blunt force trauma.

Edmondson said he'd been dead about 72 hours.

"The blunt force trauma bothered me. But finding four dogs and three that we don't know how they died and finding them discarded like this -- I have to admit that it takes you to really bad places in your mind. You just think what could be going on," Edmondson said.

"Seeing that I called and nothing was done, infuriated me -- that's their job," Jenkins said.

The Wilson County Sheriff's Office didn't immediately return calls or emails from CBS North Carolina for comment regarding the most recent incident.

They said they had no leads on the Friday discovery and asked anyone with information to give them a call.


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