Skimmer was on Raleigh ATM at State Farmers Market for nearly 3 months

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) -- If you withdrew cash from the State Farmers Market this summer, make sure you check your bank account.

Raleigh Police arrested 24-year-old Vasilica-Marcel Ciobanu for installing a credit card skimmer at the ATM, authorities said.

The State Farmers Market is one of the few places these days where customers still need to carry cash.

"We accept Square and credit card but the majority of vendors down here do not, they're predominantly cash-based," said Alyssa Compo, who works for Carolina Mushroom Farm at the market.

Raleigh Police arrested a man for credit card theft after investigators say he installed the credit card skimmer in the Farmers Market ATM. Police say he installed it on July 2 and a service technician found it and it was removed on September 24.

James Robinson, a frequent customer at the Farmers Market, says he will keep checking his bank statements.

"I used it during that period of time," Robinson said. "I didn't notice anything different on my bank statement, but who knows it might come out later on down the road because they have all the information."

People who work at the farmers market say on the weekends sometimes up to 40 people wait in line to use the ATM.

They also say it's the only ATM at the farmers market.

"It's actually pretty disheartening to find that out. I'm not even quite sure what to say," said Compo. "It's really disappointing. It's probably affected thousands of people, definitely since the summer."

Some customers say they plan to bring their cash with them from now on.

"It definitely makes you more aware and careful because it can happen anywhere," said customer Paula Jones.

Raleigh Police say there are no known victims at the time, but they are encouraging the public to contact them if they believe they could have been affected.


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