Victim: Durham police impersonator brandished AK-47

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) - In a 911 call, the woman robbed by a police impersonator in Durham County recounted the ordeal she faced.

She was driving along an isolated stretch of road when she pulled over for an unmarked SUV with a flashing blue light, police said. But when the man from the SUV approached her, she said, he wasn't an officer, but a robber.

"When he tapped on the window, I rolled it down," she said. "He stuck the gun in my face so I didn't see much."

A dispatcher transferring the call to another operator, heard at the beginning of the tape the county sheriff's office released, tells another dispatcher that the woman reported the robber had an AK-47. He took her purse and phone, but threw the phone back, the dispatcher told his colleague she had said.

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