Woman shot at teen she saw sexually assaulting neighbor's dog, police say

By KNWA Staff - CENTERTON, Ark. (KNWA) - An Arkansas woman was arrested after police said she shot at a teen who was sexually assaulting her neighbor's dog.

Kerrie Lenkerd told police she looked out her bedroom window and saw a teen sexually assaulting her neighbor's dog, police said. Lenkerd said this wasn't the first time she has caught the teen doing the act to the animal.

Lenkerd told police she went to get her gun and confronted the teen, according to authorities. Lenkerd said the teen jumped the fence and that she also exited her fence with her gun and shot into the grass to scare the teen.

Witnesses told police they heard a loud pop and saw the teen, who was wearing just boxers and a shirt, running down the road, according to police.

Lenkerd was arrested for aggravated assault.

Police said the teenager was also arrested for two counts of bestiality.

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