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How Argoid's AI-Powered Search for E-Commerce Makes Search Intuitive & Personalized, Grows Conversion and Retention

Search for eCommerce

Personalized search for eCommerce

Search results powered by Argoid AI in online stores, deliver personalized and accurate search results that encourage more purchases and repeat customers

An accurate and intuitive search engine is a commitment to the best user experience, and shows regard for customers' time. Argoid's AI-based search is powerful yet easy to implement for ecommerce”
— Gokul Muralidharan, CEO, Argoid
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Imagine a shopper browsing their favorite ecommerce website and deciding to do a search to find a product, because the catalog is too big to navigate by category. If they type in more than a few keywords, or a question, what do you think they’ll find? More often than not, this kind of search will return ‘no results found’ or results that are irrelevant for that shopper.

Increasingly, this is how shoppers search - more conversational and natural - while online stores are still relying on keyword-based systems.

So what can bridge this gap effectively?


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way people shop online, with innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. With product catalogs growing at an astronomical rate every single day, eCommerce businesses need more storage options and newer databases. According to an eMarketer reporter, 49% of US consumers begin their product hunt on a search engine like Google. Consumers are demanding a better ‘search’ experience, which is expected to be intuitive, fast and accurate.

Traditionally, e-commerce search bars have been limited in functionality, often providing inaccurate or irrelevant search results. This led to frustration for shoppers and lost revenue for businesses. Argoid's AI-powered search bars utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to provide personalized and incredibly accurate search results that are tailored to a customer's browsing history, past search queries, and overall behavior. This cutting-edge technology ensures that customers find the most relevant information quickly, saving them time while providing an improved user experience.

Argoid's AI-powered search predicts human buying behavior and maximizes the conversion rates on ecommerce sites, across every touchpoint on the customer journey. The personalized, real-time recommendations are designed to not only improve user engagement but also encourage repeat visits.
The engine is built to process large amounts of customer data such as purchase history, behavior, etc. to recommend the most suitable product, offers or deals. It utilizes predictive search, natural language processing, and machine learning to quickly find the items customers are looking for, making their entire shopping journey more efficient and enjoyable.

Powered by natural language processing technology, similar to Google search capabilities, Argoid allows customers to type in everyday language when searching for products. This innovative technology gives shoppers a more conversational search experience, similar to asking a sales associate for assistance in a physical store. Instead of struggling to remember specific product names, customers can simply type in their needs and Argoid's search pulls up the most relevant options.

In addition, Argoid's AI-based search engine also recognizes key product attributes like product price, size/volume, spelling, etc. automatically, and uses these to incorporate facets and filters that also improve ‘searchability’. The search engine is able to analyze customers’ preferences, match them to the attributes, and provide results and filters that are tailored to their requirements, without the need for customers to input any additional information.

AI-powered search that incorporates various aspects of a smooth user journey, is difficult to develop, but has the potential to disrupt the e-commerce experience. By taking advantage of natural language processing and advanced AI algorithms, Argoid has created a highly intuitive, user-friendly shopping experience that is unmatched in the industry. Its powerful AI capabilities are transforming 'search' on our favorite ecommerce sites, and has become an invaluable tool for ecommerce businesses looking to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction rates.

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