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AMIkids is Transforming Youths Lives Day By Day

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Every child is born with great potential. These children have the potential to cure diseases, to become professional athletes, aerospace engineers and so much more. As children grow and development their minds are sponges; children adopt the behaviors around them and learn from other children, adults, and teachers. For some children this can be a blessing and for others this can lead to poor decisions.

In 2018, 728,280 persons under the age of 18 were arrested by law enforcement for a range of crimes including non-violent crimes and violent crimes. In all, twenty-five percent of all serious violent crime involved a juvenile offender, and more than half of these crimes involved a group of offenders. These children become who they spend their time with.

 This is not a new problem or issue that faces the youth of the United States. In 1969, Judge Frank Orlando, was frustrated seeing the same young men come before his court repeatedly. At the time, his only option was to send these young men to reform school in hopes that it would change their lives. The Judge noticed an opportunity that would be more beneficial… this opportunity would ultimately grow and become AMIkids.

Since the 1970’s AMIkids has grown and helped over 173,000 kids around the country turn their lives around. AMIkids is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the youth in our country develop into responsible and productive citizens.

Since 2011, AMIkids Infinity Wake County has been partnered with Wake County Public Schools to help kids discover the potential within them, transform their lives and strengthen our community. AMIkids Infinity Wake County has had much success serving the kids in the Raleigh area who are struggling in school, displaying learning disabilities or behavioral issues. This alternative school allows our kids to find solutions to their issues and catch up on their grades and classes to be re-inserted into their schools, or complete their high school diploma.

Over the years AMIkids Infinity Wake County has partnered with incredible businesses that work with their youth to provide learning opportunities as well as working opportunities. These opportunities allow the youth to develop real life skills and create an environment that allows the youth to be mentored and matured into wonderful citizens in the community.

The opportunity to partner with AMIkids Infinity Wake is not only beneficial for these young individuals but is a great way for businesses to impact young lives and be examples to the youth. North Carolina State, Shaw and North Carolina Central University has a multi-year partnership with AMIkids Infinity Wake which allows the youth to be provided on-the-job working experience as well as the wonderful opportunity to see adults similar to themselves. These adults can provide insight, hope and guidance to these young individuals that inspires their future aspirations and character development.

While some of the program’s partnerships provide grant money as well as job opportunities, American Justice Corps, provides mental health support, mentorship, resume building, character development workshops and more every Friday to the youth at AMIkids Infinity Wake. The partnership with AJC and AMIkids takes countless hours to make sure that each Friday with the youth fulfills the needs for the students.

The staff at AMIkids Infinity Wake along with their partners are dedicated to transforming the lives of these students and it is clear that they have done just that. Each year AMIkids helps over 5,000 children with 135,000 youth served since 1969.

To learn more about how you can become a partner or a mentor to these children please head over to:

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