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Why now is the time to renovate your kitchen

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The home is where the heart is—this is a common phrase that has been echoed for years. Coming home from a long day of work or school used to be a joy! However, for the past few months COVID-19 has forced many people to stay inside. This extended time at home has a lot of people finally noticing subtle flaws in their home’s layout. More time at home = more time agonizing over things like outdated appliances and cramped kitchens. That’s why people across the country are using this time to update their living spaces.  

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in almost any home. A room that used to be designated for meals has shifted into more of an all-purpose space for everything from after-school homework to impromptu family game nights. The staff at Garner Appliance and Mattress says two of the most common complaints people have about their kitchen are faulty appliances and a lack of storage space.

If you’ve been considering a kitchen revamp but are hesitant to pull the trigger, here are some reasons to act sooner rather than later:

  1. A renovated kitchen can add value to your home. For many prospective buyers, a newly renovated kitchen is the main reason to buy a home. So, not only will a renovated kitchen add value to your home, but it could lead to a faster sale as well.
  2. A time saver. A newly renovated kitchen can ultimately save you time. New ovens, microwaves and refrigerators can help cook food more efficiently or maintain food quality for a longer time, which means you will save time cooking and cut down on trips to the grocery store.
  3. Your comfort levels will increase with a renovated kitchen. This is especially true for people who are fed up with their small and cramped kitchen. A renovated cooking space will allow for things like more storage, new appliances, open space, etc.
  4. New appliances are safer and less hazardous. Remodeling your kitchen will help expose the potential hazards that exist in your kitchen.

These are a few of the added benefits of a renovated kitchen. Garner Appliance and Mattress is dedicated to helping its customers create their dream kitchen. Employees at each of the business’ three locations are committed to delivering first-class customer service during every step of the buying process.

Customers can find state-of-the-art appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and so much more.  In addition to individual appliances, Garner Appliance and Mattress also offers appliance packages that will help you completely transform your kitchen with the brands you love such as Frigidaire, Bosch, KitchenAid, and many more. The staff at Garner Appliance and Mattress works with customers to find the option that fits their needs without breaking the bank. Stop by today to learn about pricing options, rebates, and financing specials.

Garner Appliance and Mattress has locations in Garner, Raleigh and Clayton. Each location is open Monday to Saturday. Head over to their website to see what time each location opens.  

While you’re spending more time with your family at home, don’t wait to create your dream kitchen with Garner Appliance and Mattress.

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