2020 has been a difficult time for many people due to the COVID 19. The start of the new decade held hopefully plans for everyone as each person took time to decipher goals, plans and desires for this decade. The new decade brought optimism. Everyone was excited for a new start! However, 2020 had different plans and brought new curve balls for everyone to work through.

March turned the world on its head, and many have had to adjust with the changes in their day to day life. Citizens across North Carolina have lost their jobs, parents are working from home while juggling their children, while some adults are alone and are not used to being alone. Each person copes with these challenges in different ways some may isolate even more, some may turn to food for comfort, and others may turn to alcohol or substance abuse.

The data has shown that there has been a rise of alcohol and substance abuse in the United States as well as a rise in depression in suicide. The biggest question for many is… when will this pandemic end? When will our lives go back to normal? These unknown factors can be extremely difficult for some to process or come to terms with.

Winter is approaching and seasonal depression can affect mental health as well. While the end of the pandemic remains unknown, finding the right medical professional to help with these challenges is important. 

Gupta Psychiatrists are medical professions that evaluate their patients from a holistic perspective. Gupta Psychiatrists will not only evaluate patients from a medical health perspective but as well as a mental health perspective and will work with patients to decipher the ties between the two.

At the moment, Gupta Psychiatrists, have a hybrid model where these medical professionals will work with patients in person and via telemedicine. Gupta Psychiatrists will conduct a personal evaluation and create a plan with patients to provide the best plan of action to combat any issues.

Gupta Psychiatrists are here to help patients while also providing insight and other resources for patients so each patient will feel safe and find the help they need.

To learn more about Gupta Psychiatrists head on over to https://guptapsychiatry.com/ or call 919-870-8409.