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Muscadine Grapes are North Carolina’s Super Fruit

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Hinnant Vineyard Grapes

Muscadine grapes are native to North Carolina and tend to be found in the backyards of homes in the eastern part of the state. These grapes grow and thrive in the hot, sandy conditions which is why they flourish in the eastern parts of North Carolina. The climate by the coast creates resistance to disease, viruses, bacteria, and more. Since the grapes grow in this climate and have created a resistance to these conditions these unique properties create significant health benefits for those that consume them.

Muscadine grapes are among the richest forms of antioxidants found in nature. In the United States, Americans tend to consume only two to three servings of fruit/vegetables a day. Due to the rich quantity of antioxidants found in Muscadine grapes, a one cup serving of Muscadine grapes would double the average person’s antioxidant intake.

These unique grapes are fat-free, high in fiber, and hold key ingredients that help lower cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart disease. An easy way to consume these grapes is through wine. As some say wine is an adult’s juice and consuming wine made from muscadine grapes makes this more true as adults can still reap the benefits from these grapes while consuming wine.

Hinnant Family Vineyards is the largest muscadine vineyard in North Carolina spanning over 100 acres. The Hinnant Family Vineyard has been dedicated to high-quality wines for over 47 years as well as curating the highest quality of muscadine grapes in the state.

 This local family-run vineyard has several wines to offer from dry red wines to sweet Scuppernong wine (which tastes just like the native grape). This allows customers to have a varied selection to choose from when they come and visit the vineyard.

Although the best health benefits come from consuming the grapes in their truest forms there is research that shows that adults who consume muscadine grapes even in wine form will see the health benefits. For example, the average adult in France consumes a higher fat diet due to higher consumption of bread, butter, and cheese but by comparison, has lower cholesterol rates and heart disease than adults in the United States. But, by comparison, the French consume wine at every meal.

The consumption of wine while eating dinner shows many health benefits. Muscadine wines have significantly more resveratrol than wines from other grape varieties which helps decrease blood glucose levels, improves cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, and prevents blood clots. This means consuming wine during dinner helps your body process the fats from the food overnight.

The Hinnant Family has created delicious wines that allow for easy consumption of these powerful grapes. However, the Hinnant family understands some may want to try before they fully commit which is why this local vineyard has a tasting room for customers to visit and try their wines. This local vineyard also offers a wine club for customers to sign up and get their favorite wines delivered.

To learn more about Hinnant Vineyard head on over to their website: You can learn more about their wine club on their site as well as their tasting room hours and requirements during COVID-19.

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