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The Number 1 Strategy on How to Feel More Secure with Your Investments

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Coach Pete and his team at Capital Financial offer a comprehensive approach to financial planning, focusing on strategies to help you generate adequate retirement income and make that retirement income last throughout your lifetime. One of the strategies they recommend is having Core Money. Core Money is protected and safe from risk. This is not subject to any type of loss. To earn enough profit to fund your life after retirement, you must incorporate some level of risk into your portfolio. Core Money provides you with the confidence to better tolerate that risk.

The next step is figuring out how much Core Money you should have. This will depend on your estimation of retirement expenses and will be different for everyone. The most common expenses you will need to calculate are medical, housing, living, traveling, transportation and emergency. Your Core Money should be enough to cover all your expenses in retirement.

Any funds outside of Core Money can be used to explore investments opportunities. Ideally you will get a positive return on investments, but it is easier to tolerate if you can afford to lose some of it. This is money you can afford to lose if you make a poor investment decision or if the market declines for reasons beyond your control.

Even with a solid foundation of Core Money you should ask yourself some basic investment questions before deciding to invest.

  1. Is the safety of principal amount more important than growth?
  2. Am I going to achieve my investment goal? (Will this investment allow me to fund my retirement)
  3. Am I ready to accept more risk to achieve higher returns? (Will the investment keep me up at night?

If you are interested in receiving a free personal strategy system from Coach Pete and his team and learning more about Core Money, call 888-919-9001 or text CBS17 to 21000. You can also visit their website at

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