CBS 17 News – Covering Politics.  In 2020 and beyond…we will change the game.

For years, political journalism has been covered purely as a competition. 

Framed as a game of Democrats versus Republicans, a battle of individuals and political factions rather than a debate over how to best govern and effectively set policy. 

It is time to end this game and approach the coverage of politics as a fundamental truth based upon verifiable facts.

In 2020, and beyond, CBS 17 News is determined to report the political story with a renewed principle. 

We know that our community wants, and deserves, a new clarity when it comes to understanding how any political issue or candidate will ultimately affect daily life. 

The only way forward is commitment…commitment to a simple set of rules and a promise to be true.

Our system of government is based on the will of pluralities or outright majorities. 

The elegance of our system though is an acknowledgment that those groups are made of individual citizens…people like you. 

CBS 17 News Political Pledge is an alternative to politics being framed as a game.  Now, with any candidate debate, any local regional or national political contest or issue…the answer to the question, “Who won tonight?” will be “The People.” 

This is CBS 17 News’ continuing commitment to you, “the people” of our community.  Local News That Matters.