RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – On Tuesday, COVID-19 testing sites in Wake County saw long lines for the second day in a row.

At the Wake County testing location on Kidd Road, the line stretched almost a mile down the road Tuesday.

“I got in at 10:15 seeing how long the line was, and I’m like I better get in line now,” said Kelly Hines. She waited over an hour to get her COVID-19 test. She said she didn’t mind.

“For me, it was easier to get an appointment.”

It was easier for Amanda Perry, too.

“CVS would not test my son since he’s 1 year old, and the minute clinics didn’t have anything until Friday. And I said, no, the sooner the better for me and my family,” Perry said.

So how hard is it to get a test? Most locations at CVS and Walgreens didn’t have appointments for days. Even clinics like Nextcare Urgent Care, which only books up to a day in advance, had no time slots available.

Polly Willis said she checked both CVS and Walgreens before making the decision to come to a Wake County testing site.

“We even called our pharmacist, and she said you might better off going to the health department,” Willis said.

If you don’t want to wait to book an appointment for a test, you can order a free at-home testing kit through Labcorp. They can be shipped overnight to your home with a paid-postage envelope to mail back to the lab.



There are also community testing events where you don’t need an appointment.

“I would just encourage anyone to make an appointment and go online right away,” Willis said.

You can find a full list of testing locations on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website.