RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – COVID-19 on vacation?

We’re in the middle of summer vacation season and also the middle of a COVID-19 surge, meaning more and more people are coming down with COVID-19 while away from home.

This recently happened to CBS 17 producer Stephanie Meadows who came down with COVID-19 while on her honeymoon.

Stephanie and Haden Meadows enjoyed every moment of their honeymoon cruise to Italy, until the last day.

“I woke up maybe 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning, and I just felt extremely sick,” Stephanie recalled. “I grabbed one of the tests out of our suitcase, took it and a pink line just popped up right away; it was positive, and I think I screamed for a little bit and cried for a little bit and at that point I called the doctor on board.”

The couple spent the last day of their honeymoon quarantined in their room. A nurse brought Theraflu packets and monitors for her vital signs.

“They would call our room every hour just to check on me,” Meadows said.

Travel advisers suggest planning ahead in case COVID hits, at any point during vacation.

“Hopefully, they’re purchasing some sort of travel insurance these days and checking those policies to make sure they include allowances for testing for COVID-19, having to extend their stay, or leave the stay early, those types of things,” Mallory Dumond, with Travelmation, said.

She said it’s also a good idea to pack masks, extra medication and necessities.

“Just in case you were to have to extend your stay for quarantine, you want to make sure you have those necessities with you,” she said.

If a guest comes down with COVID-19 while staying at the AC Hotel in downtown Raleigh, Director of Sales, Mike Wall, said the hotel encourages them to isolate in their room unless a doctor advises otherwise. He said they will reduce the rate if they need to extend their stay. 

As for Stephanie, although she took precautions during her honeymoon, she said she’d likely be even more careful if she takes another vacation any time soon.

“I would probably keep my mask on more if I want to travel again,” she said. “But I took that risk knowing I had the vaccine, and we got really lucky until the very last day of our honeymoon.”

The CDC’s list of travel recommendations can be found here.