Classroom to kitchen table: Teachers adjust to working remotely during COVID-19 pandemic


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Teachers in North Carolina and across the United States are adjusting to doing their jobs remotely.

Sarah Little is a teacher at St. Timothy’s School in Raleigh, but her lessons will come from her home for the foreseeable future. She is doing everything she can to make sure everyone out of the classroom can learn as much as they would inside the school.

“As you can see, I have taken over the kitchen table,” she said. “What do we need to get through what is essential? Because the reality is we’re not going to be able to get through every single thing, and as math teachers, we love to teach all of the things.

“So it’s been difficult to figure out what they need because, in order to take the next class, they need all those essential skills.”

St. Timothy’s has been preparing for weeks for the day administrators decided to close the building due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now Little, who is the head of the math department, finds herself working as her son Mason studies a few feet away. Her husband Brian, who is a software developer, works downstairs. All of them are at home to stay safe from coronavirus.

Little said a soft launch comes first to be sure all the technology functions properly. Then it’s full steam ahead.

“I’m going to go over some problems we need to review and practice that they’ve been working on today to prepare for their test at the end of next week,” Little said. “Then I’m going to give them the rest of the class time to just work on another review assignment.”

It’s also about making sure students aren’t spending hours upon hours staring at the computer and that they have any help needed to deal with stress.

“Making sure we have those live interactions with them, see how they’re doing, check in on them and have those opportunities for face-to-face interaction as we’re all separated from each other,” Little said.

Click here for information on St. Timothy’s Middle School distance learning. Click here for St. Timothy’s Lower School distance learning.

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