RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Just 16 percent of the country has a COVID-19 booster shot right now that could change if the FDA and CDC greenlight boosters for all adults. The FDA was scheduled to meet Thursday and a CDC advisory committee on Friday to review Pfizer’s application to boost all adults. Approval could come by the weekend.

“I do think that is the right move to do,” said Dr. David Weber at UNC School of Medicine. He thinks an extra dose would serve well ahead of a potential winter surge.

“We’re going to see continued illness, severe illness and deaths in the unvaccinated for months to come but those that particularly have had boosters are largely protected from severe illness,” said Weber.

In their 10,000-participant trial, Pfizer said COVID-19 infected five people in the booster group and 109 people in the placebo group. The booster would be the same dose as the original regimen.

Moderna’s booster would be a half dose of the original.

“I don’t see an enormous urgency for people to run out and get it but that said and done, once it does get approved, I don’t think I’d wait weeks to months,” said Weber.

Weber added that fully vaccinated people are still largely protected against COVID-19 severe infection.

He said with the amount of supply the country has, public health leaders can focus on both boosting and vaccinating the unvaccinated.