RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Food and Drug Administration has granted Emergency Use Authorization for what Is essentially a COVID-19 breathalyzer test.

Anyone who has had their nose swabbed for COVID-19 in the last two years can tell you it was uncomfortable. The new option comes from InspectIR.

“The more tools you have in the toolbox the better you’re going to be,” said Dr. Thomas Denny Chief Operating Officer of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. He said one of the benefits of this new technology is that it requires less equipment than standard swab tests.

“You have to have a swab. In some cases, you have a swab and a vessel with fluid to put the swab into. Then you take it to the testing platform. With this, you’re eliminating all that,” said Denny.

Using this machine, patients blow into a disposable straw. The machine then indicates whether the person is infected. Denny said the technology could potentially be used for other illnesses in the future.

“I would bet that with some technology development, you’ll see this continue to evolve that it could be something that becomes very small and portable,” Denny said.

In trials, the company said the machine was able to identify 91 percent of COVID-19 cases. It had a 0.7 percent false-positive rate.

Denny said the machine could also be beneficial in school or work settings.

“It may be very easy to have a school-like setting where you had a device like this in a nurse’s office. If a child is not feeling well, they could breathe into that,” said Denny.

The FDA said the machines can run about 160 samples a day and must be operated by healthcare professionals.