RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Ariane Hunter has made it her mission to not only help people launch their careers, but also provide them with mentorship as they venture into a new chapter of life.

Hunter is an author and founder of My Mentors Circle, “an online community and mentoring service for Black women in business to gain access to mentors of color.”

However, Hunter’s advice and guidance are applicable for anyone who is launching a new career and can benefit.

“The first thing I could mention is to set a date,” said Hunter when referencing her first of three pieces of advice.

“Have a set date, whether it is six months, a year. If you want to start a new business, change course in your career. Having that date on your calendar will hold you accountable and help you to stay a course toward that goal.”

Hunter offered another two pieces of advice.

One, organize a plan – find things on which to focus.

Second, find like-minded people to help you learn and hold you accountable. That is where the value of a mentor comes into play.

It is an opportunity to learn from the mentor’s experiences, both good and bad, as you create your own path forward.

“We can learn from someone’s personal journey. We don’t have to take it as gospel, but we can keep the relevant information that works for us and leave the rest,” said Hunter. “But it is all about having those right tools at your disposal to make that right choice.”