RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — How can you keep your job even when your employer is downsizing?

In tonight’s Job Alert, CBS17’s Bill Young has suggestions to set you up for success in weathering job cuts.

While there are no guarantees, Joe Garfinkle with Garfinkle Executive Coaching did put together a list of things to do to give you an advantage—should your employer start handing out pink slips. Those suggestions include:

  1. Demonstrate your values by searching out opportunities to show your specific skills and talents. 
  2. Promote your accomplishments.  Make sure you update your bosses on things you’ve achieved and, if possible, how you’ve saved or made money for them. 
  3. Pick up extra work.  It isn’t fun, but it does make you less dispensable. 
  4. Make yourself indispensable to your clients.  Make sure they love you and specifically want to work with you. 
  5. Be positive! Studies show positivity can make you more productive and employers see you as more valuable than a complainer.

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