Remote working taken to the extreme – telecommuting to an office hundreds of miles away

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Working remotely from home has become somewhat of the norm in the COVID-19 era. However, for some people, it has been the norm for years.

John H. Chuang is the founder of Aquent, a company that employs 10,000 people in many different and highly-skilled fields. He places those workers at companies worldwide, and they never have to leave their homes, let alone travel to a different city, state, or country.

“The entirety of the U.S. can be one big market instead of 100 little labor markets,” said Chuang.

He gave the example of three employees placed at a major employer in Cleveland, Ohio.

“One person from Michigan, one from Illinois, and one from Raleigh. Here is an employer who doesn’t traditionally hire outside the area, now hiring in Raleigh.”

The concept is one used by Michele Franklin, Vice President, Global Professional Relations at Merz Aesthetics for the last 15 years of her career. A marketing executive, Franklin works for Merz Aesthetics, a multinational corporation based in Raleigh. She, however, works from her home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Asked if, given an offer from a different company which required she relocate, if she’d be hesitant to accept.

“Yes, particularly for the position for which I hold. I would be hesitant, particularly knowing I could do it from anywhere in the world.”

She also offered up some advice for people working from home, by choice or not.

1) Plan your day as though you are in an office setting. It helps build a structured routine.
2) Still make an effort to dress and look professional, that way you are prepared should you need to suddenly jump on a Zoom call.
3) Up your energy when on Zoom calls. It might feel strange, but she says it’ll come across better.

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