Majority of Americans only support vaccine proof for air travel or large crowd event attendance, poll finds


(WNCN) — A recent poll finds that the majority of Americans support having to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in some situations, but not so much in others.

According to findings released by Gallup, majority of U.S. adults favor showing mandated proof of vaccination for air travel (57 percent) or when attending events with large crowds, such as concerts or sporting events (55 percent).

However, when it comes to going to your job (45 percent), staying in a hotel (44 percent) or dining inside of a restaurant (44 percent), majority of Americans say vaccination proof shouldn’t be necessary.

These findings are from Gallup’s ongoing COVID-19 probability-based web panel survey, which was conducted April 19-25, as the daily vaccination count in the U.S. began to decline after peaking earlier in the month.

Outside of a handful of states that have poured resources into piloting so-called “vaccine passport” type systems, most Americans still have few options to prove whether they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

A handful of states have moved to prohibit businesses from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Meanwhile, other states that don’t have this kind of ban have seen a proliferation of forgeries mimicking the simple 4-by-3-inch cards doled out by the federal government.

Many U.S. companies and nonprofits plan to launch their own consumer-friendly options. They’re relying on technical specifications from private-sector efforts like the Vaccine Credential Initiative, which promises “open, interoperable standards.”

Support for vaccination proof also varies by current vaccination status and concern about getting the disease.

According to Gallup, no more than eight percent of those polled who say they will not get vaccinated favor proof of vaccination to engage in any of the five activities, compared with majorities between 52 percent and 74 percent of those who have gotten vaccinated or plan to do so.

Meanwhile, 55 percent to 77 percent of those who are worried about contracting the coronavirus approve of mandatory vaccinations before participating in all five public activities, but less than half of those who are not worried about infection approve.

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