Moderna says vaccine works for kids as Pfizer expects authorization for children 5-11


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – With multiple family members at high risk for severe COVID-19, Kira Kroboth has been anxiously waiting for her children to be eligible for vaccines.

“I want to give them the best protection possible,” she explained.

She’s excited that authorization is expected for the Pfizer vaccine within days. To complicate matters, Moderna announced its vaccine also works in children.

“My husband and I are both vaccinated with Moderna, and it’s performing the best against the variant,” she said. “If I had a choice and they were both sitting in front of me, I would choose Moderna for my children, but I also need to choose timing-wise what’s going to keep them safe.”

According to the CDC, Moderna is the most effective COVID-19 vaccine at preventing hospitalization in adults, according to data from March through August. It’s not clear if that will hold true for children. It’s also not clear when federal regulators will consider it for kids.

Dr. Zachary Willis specializes in pediatric infectious diseases at UNC. He said he expects the two shots will perform similarly.

“Between those two, I think the best choice is the one you can get the soonest,” he said. “So far, there’s no reason to believe the differences are big enough to make a significant difference.”

He urged parents not to hesitate to get their children vaccinated if and when a vaccine gets the green light.

“We will be fully vaccinated before Christmas if we go with Pfizer, and that’s important because we missed that last year,” Kroboth said, adding that whichever brand they end up with she will be relieved to see her children get their shots.

“I’m just so, so thankful I’ll probably cry all the way through the vaccine appointment,” she said. “Happy tears.”

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