RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The fears surrounding coronavirus have many people and companies cancelling trips.

Alana Herod is looking forward to a vacation she’s taking next month with her family.

“We’re cruising out of Miami and then we’re going to Key West and Cozumel,” said Herod.

This week, the cruise line emailed her amid coronavirus fears. The company said she could cancel the cruise for credits, or get a cash incentive to still go.

Herod looked up cruise prices and said she saw some as low as $20 before taxes.

“I’ve never seen cruises that cheap at all. I’ve cruised a lot and I’ve never seen anything that low,” said Herod.

She used that to her advantage with the company.

“They actually gave us about an $800 cruise credit to remain on the cruise that we are currently on, so we’re pretty excited,” she said.

It’s a story travel advisors are hearing more of with the coronavirus outbreak.

“Everyone’s taking every precautionary measure,” said Jenn Welsh, a travel advisor with Trip and Sip Travel in Raleigh. “I feel like now, more than anything, cruise lines are being very flexible with their normal policies. We’ve seen things happen that have never happened in the industry.”

At Trip and Sip Travel, they recommend travelers hold off on canceling their trips. Unless, of course, you’re sick.

“Travel insurance is highly recommended,” said Welsh. “It’s something I won’t book a trip without having.”

There’s no fee to book through a travel advisor as well, she added.

“We’re sitting here making the calls, making the changes so that the clients can be at home as cool as a cucumber. You don’t even have to be stressed about this. We got you,” said travel advisor Kobe Guerrero.

For some people, like Robert Levesque, canceling has been the only option.

“My sister was supposed to go to London next week; that was canceled,” said Levesque. “I had some business travel out of town next week and next month that’s already been canceled. Trying to stay local and monitor the situation.”

Travel advisors say now is a good time to book if you are looking to travel, as many flight prices are down.

Herod hopes to keep coronavirus out of her itinerary.

“I just feel like we’re at risk no matter what and we need a chance to enjoy some warm weather and relax,” said Herod.