RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Testing for COVID-19 is up 42 percent in Wake County, compared to a few weeks ago, county officials said.

Experts said the delta variant and accompanying surging cases are driving the increase.

Drivers spilled out into the road at a testing site in Wake Forest on Thursday.

Wake County officials are seeing the trend across the board. They don’t track whether people getting tested are vaccinated or not.

“As we are all seeing in the news and hearing that we are seeing an increase in cases, and particularly the delta variant. It is concerning and people are wanting and needing access to get tested,” said Dr. Nicole Mushonga, associate medical director and epidemiology program director for Wake County Human Services.

Even vaccinated people are advised to get tested if they have symptoms or are exposed.

“We’re seeing now with the delta variant that’s it’s possible individuals that have been vaccinated can get COVID-19 and can potentially spread it,” Mushonga said.

Mushonga said they put more testing and vaccine sites at the same locations so people can do both at once.

They’re seeing walk-up vaccinations increase but not as much as testing numbers have.

“The best way individuals in the community can protect themselves is, if they have not gotten a vaccine yet, to definitely get vaccinated,” she said.

Statewide, they’re seeing about a 30-percent increase in testing right now compared to a few weeks ago.