DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – In Wake County, distribution of free N95 masks has been going on for weeks and the county has even have added some additional pickup locations.

Over in Cumberland County, mask distribution is underway as this week more than thousands of masks have been distributed to the general public, groups, and organizations.

So, where can folks in Durham County find a free N95 mask from the county?

According to public health officials in Durham, the county has received 60,000 masks that will be divided between the Department of Public Health and the Department of Social Services.

But the Department of Public Health said it is still working on a plan for when those masks will be distributed to the general population.

This is frustrating for Durham County resident Elizabeth Fritz, who has been looking for an N95 mask for some time.

“I have been looking for those because of my age, and because I have a compromised autoimmune system,” Fritz said. “Why don’t we have N95 masks? Why are they not being distributed? I need this mask to stay safe.”

Fritz said she is frustrated a plan was not already in place by the Department of Public Health to distribute masks as soon as they came in.

“If the department of public health is planning to distribute them, why is it taking so long?” Fritz said.

CBS 17 asked the Department of Public Health for a timetable of when they would announce plans to distribute the masks and they said they would be sending out information on this in the coming days.

But on Thursday, Fritz said she had seen a social media post online about how the Bahama Ruritan Club had received 1,000 masks from the Department of Social Services and that they had been giving them away for free at Glenn Tire Sales on North Roxboro Road since Monday.

CBS 17 stopped by there on Thursday afternoon. The owner, Greg Glenn, is a member of the club and said his business had been distributing masks since Monday.

“We received 1,000 to give out and all we’ve got are these five boxes here,” Glenn said.

Fritz was able to get her mask at Glenn Tire Sales on Thursday because she happened to see a social media post online.

She said she is hoping the county will better inform the public about where to find N95 masks.

“I just feel like we have been neglected,” Fritz said. “There needs to be transparency and information. I need the best protection that I can get, as do members of my family.”

Officials with the Department of Social Services said that they have been given instructions to cover the need for N95 masks for frontline workers, homeless systems, and vulnerable communities.

DSS officials said distribution to organizations started on Jan. 19 and they are still working on distribution efforts.