RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Great Dane who gave birth to a record-breaking 15 puppies has found her new home, and her puppies will soon be ready for theirs.

On Oct. 17, Perfectly Imperfect Pups Rescue in Raleigh announced a Great Dane named Meadow gave birth to 15 puppies.

The rescue said Meadow was passed around from five different homes since Feb. 2023 through no fault of her own. Days after taking her in, Meadow gave birth.

Meadow’s puppies are now six weeks old. The organization ran DNA tests and discovered the puppies were “a complete 50/50 split” of 50% Great Dane and 50% Doberman. The litter is made up of 13 boys and two girls, and they all look nearly identical. Their names are Otis, Scout, Bruno, Samson, Diego, Felix, Winston, Bailey, Duke, Mack, Fiona, Axel, Finn, Cosmo, and Buster.

On Tuesday, the puppies, who are living in foster homes in groups of two or three,  were reunited for their vet appointments at Peak City Veterinary Hospital in Apex. 

“We haven’t seen them all together since they were two weeks old, so it was really fun to see them back together and romping and playing and being silly,” said PIPs founder and director, Nicole Kincaid. 

The pups got a clean bill of health, as well as their vaccines and microchips. “They’re healthy. They sound great. They look well. They’ve been very well taken care of by all the fosters,” noted veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Johnson.

“Honestly in the vet world, sometimes we get some tough days,” she added. “It’s hard to not smile when these guys come into your clinic.”

The puppies’ story went viral shortly after their birth.

“We were completely overwhelmed but the love and support from all over. With the news story last month, we got so many donations and applications for Meadow and her puppies,” said founder and director Nicole Kincaid. “PIPs received over 1,000 items from our Amazon wish list. We also received over 50 applications on the puppies. It is amazing seeing the community come together.”

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The puppies all have meet-and-greets scheduled with potential adopters.

Their mom has already found her forever home. Meadow was adopted by a family that fell in love with her story and fell in love with her. PIPs said Meadow is “thriving and loving being a pup and not just a mama.”

PIP is no longer accepting applications for the puppies, but they created a fundraiser to help with the puppies’ medical care, 15 appointments, spays, and neuters.