FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Cumberland County schools. More than 300 cases were reported within the last week with seven schools each having 10 or more cases.

Lindsay Whitley with Cumberland County Schools said they think the numbers are a reflection of the spread happening across the community. They said they’re continuing social distancing and indoor masking. The district started free COVID-19 rapid testing for students and staff who opt-in.

“This will be very beneficial in terms of limiting the spread. If we know that someone tests positive, then we can immediately quarantine them, conduct contract tracing, and try to limit the spread. Cumberland County Schools is no different with how easily this variant spreads,” Cumberland County Schools Spokesperson Lindsay Whitley said.

One woman has a grandchild who just started kindergarten. She’s hopeful with him following proper guidelines he will be OK.

“He wears his mask. I feel like it is dangerous with that many cases. I just keep going back to saying I think the main thing is just wearing the mask and getting vaccinated,” said Stedman resident Phyllis Price.

Others in the community hope that the case count in schools gets under control fast so that other at-risk people in the area can stay safe.

“My mother lives with me and she’s elderly, and I feel like I need to do everything I can to protect her, as well. Everyone just needs to do their part,” Fayetteville resident Billie Hollingsworth said.

Despite the case count, district officials said they’re not yet considering a full return to virtual learning at this time.