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Cryo NC Botique & Wellness Center

CRYONC, your premier cryotherapy destination, is a boutique wellness center focused on helping you lose weight and feel better about yourself. We use the latest in wellness technology and offer a multitude of treatments including:

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy: This treatment uses sub-zero temperatures to trigger your body’s natural healing and wellness responses; in many cases, Cryotherapy can provide an effective alternative to traditional pain medications. Our clients rely on Cryotherapy to help with pain relief, muscle recovery, weight loss, and mental clarity.
  • Body Contouring: Our revolutionary T-Shock treatment targets a specific area of your body with alternating cold and warm cycles to kill fat cells. This 30-minute treatment kills fat cells and smooths out cellulite naturally.
  • Infrared Sauna: Unlike a traditional sauna that relies on heating the air, our sauna targets your body directly with infrared light. This makes the experience more comfortable while still helping with detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, and more.
  • Compression Therapy: This treatment uses Norma Tec technology to increase circulation, relieve muscle soreness, increase mobility, clear lactate acid, and help address cellulite and varicose veins.
  • Cryo Facials: This process helps with the production of natural collagen leading to younger and tighter-looking skin on your face.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for the best recovery option, looking for a way to reduce joint pain, or working to get your beach body ready for the summer, CryoNC has numerous of treatments to get you ready for your next competition or beach holiday!


2310 Bale St., Raleigh, NC 27608

(919) 758-3747