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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Families are already making plans for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Many of them are expected to drive to their destination.

While the country averages a cost of $3.41 per gallon of gas, Gas Buddy petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan said the price to fill up would likely stick around for a good portion of 2022.

“This is not something that you’re going to wake up and at Christmas, prices are going to be much lower. This may be kind of a new higher price trend for gas prices,” De Haan said.

He offered three simple steps to save you some cash over the coming month.

The first is to plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than finding out you could have saved a few cents per gallon going to a gas station up the road.

“There’s so many different gas price shopping and comparison apps. Download one of them so that you know where those cheaper prices are,” De Haan said.

His second tip is to make sure you’re getting something in return.

“When you’re swiping your card, make sure that you’re getting some sort of discount, whether it’s a loyalty discount going to the same station, or potentially a credit card that offers up percentage back on gas purchases,” De Haan said.

Gas Buddy’s card links to a checking account to save you up to 25 cents a gallon. Grocery stores often offer reward points that could be used towards your gas purchases.

De Haan said his third tip was likely the least popular: slow down.

“People are in a hurry, they get less fuel efficiency as a result of being on the accelerator. That can really slow down your fuel efficiency as well,” De Haan said.

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