HENDERSON, N.C. (WNCN) — Mountains of trash, construction debris, and more line Ross Mill Road in Henderson.

While much of the road is paved, a portion of it is unpaved. It’s that unpaved portion that has sparked concerns from neighbors.

The debris lining the unpaved portion is not just food wrappers or cigarettes. Several apartments could be furnished with the number of couches, mattresses, and household appliances that have been dumped along this short stretch of road.

With the unsightly trash on the shoulders, piles of debris in the middle of the road and deep potholes on the dirt road make it challenging to maneuver.

A state database shows the road, also named SR 1310, is maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

CBS 17 reached out to ask if they had a plan to address this littering. A spokesperson said they’d reached out to a local unit for more information on the status of the road.

Several signs along the street note that littering is illegal and that it could come with a maximum fine of $500.