RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – COVID-19 vaccine clinics could get busier as people look to get more protection in time for the holidays.

Bibiche Musasa is fully vaccinated but went to a Wake County vaccination location to sign up her sister for a vaccine.

“I want to be safe, everyone to be safe, too. So, holidays are coming. We’re going to share together so that’s why it’s very important to take the shot. Very important,” Musasa said.

CBS 17 checked vaccine clinics around the Triangle and found no shortage of appointment openings for either boosters or the first rounds of shots.

Dr. Weber with the UNC School of Medicine said people should be able to get in fairly quickly.

“I think there will be a bit of a rush but I don’t think it’ll last very long because I think there’s enough vaccine to to go around,” he said.

Getting a booster shot now won’t rev up your immune system in time for Thanksgiving. It takes two weeks to take full effect.

If you get a booster shot as soon as Tuesday, antibodies would kick in by Dec. 6 putting you at peak protection for Christmas week.

“It’s not like this an automatic line you’re not protected at day 13 and your protected at day 14 really. It is the further out from the booster of the somewhat better protection you get,” Weber.

Anyone planning to leave their daily bubble for the holidays should be the first to rush out for a booster shot.

“If they want to go to religious ceremonies, fun things to do, like New Year’s parties, or going out to restaurants and bars, then they ought to get their booster shot as soon as feasible,” Weber.

Weber said booster shot or not, some protection is better than nothing at all.

“If they love their family, they have to come. They have to come take a shot,” said Musasa.

Starting Tuesday, Wake County Public Health will begin to offer boosters to everyone 18 and over. Other pharmacies and counties are already offering them.