DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — We told you recently about some Barbie Airbnb houses popping up in the Triangle.

Michelle Vega, who owns both of them, also owns other themed houses in the Triangle, one with a UFO theme and the other with a ’60s theme.

‘Good vibes Only’ sign in Durham sixties-themed Airbnb (Dan West/CBS 17)

Airbnb guest Barbara-Ann Grant is currently staying in the 1960s-themed Airbnb in Durham with her father and brother while they’re in the area for work.

If you peek inside, you’ll see lots of peace signs, Woodstock references, a lava lamp, and good vibes. You might say it’s “groovy” or “far out”!

“My dad likes a lot of the sixties music so he’s playing it a lot and I think he really enjoys this theme,” she said.

Vega previously told CBS 17 she and her team get creative to make their properties stand out as those in the market for housing see interest rates on the rise.

“My brother noticed it right away,” Barbara-Ann Grant said. “Just by the cool theme, it stood out to him. It was actually the first one he clicked on when he pulled up the app, so we booked it right away.”

“It’s really colorful and the overall energy about this place is just a lot different than other ones,” her brother Dustin Grant explained. “Most of the other ones are really dull and gray, but this one is the complete opposite of that.”

What do neighbors think?

When it comes to the pink Barbie houses in Raleigh and Durham, CBS 17 asked neighbors what they think.

The family right across the street from the Durham Barbie house has young children, who say it feels like their toys are coming to life.

“It’s fantastic,” said neighbor Vanesa Capiz. “When they see the house they say ‘Oh my gosh, we live in front of that Barbie house!’”

Another neighbor said, “To each their own.”

“It’s a nice house,” said Durham neighbor Larry Royster. “It’s just a lot of Central students party in it and stuff.”

The house stands just a block away from North Carolina Central University’s campus.

It’s something he says just comes with the area, and seems like college-related fun.

“I’ve lived over here 22 years so I’m used to all the Central parties and get-togethers and football games and stuff, so it’s nothing new,” he explained.

The Raleigh Barbie house sits in a quieter neighborhood, and neighbors said the house guests have been pretty quiet as well.

With all the houses, one thing’s for sure — they’re quite the talker.



“We love this Airbnb and if we’re ever back in the area, we’ll certainly book this one again,” Barbara-Ann Grant said.

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